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Why choose Elkins?

We aim to make sure you gain the highest standard education to improve safety and security at your place of work.

We are recognized internationally and Elkins trained staff is sought after around the world.
Renowned experts in Maritime and Offshore Safety, Military, Security, STCW, Communications, Environmental Protection
50+ years of Training Success.
Breadth of Educational Programs.
Official Representative of the U.S.
Federal Communications Commission.
United States Department of Commerce - Elkins’ Official Advocate.
Working Partner, The World Bank.
Largest Trainer of GMDSS System in the U.S.
Official International Maritime Organization (IMO) Publications Distributor.
Global Outreach: Training in Qatar, Brazil, Ukraine, Russia, Venezuela, Egypt, Nigeria, United Kingdom, Trinidad, Asia.
Desire to fulfill standardized training throughout the world
Philosophy of Excellence.
Attentive Client Care.

The highest standard maritime, safety and security courses in Nigeria and Africa.

The Elkins Experience is unique.

Elkins Marine Training works with experts to bring innovation to the oil and gas, maritime and security and safety industry.

Elkins is dedicated to providing you with the best service and training experience possible. Experts choose.

Elkins Nigeria Founder

A Special dedication to Elkins Nigeria Co-Founder Dr. Hugh Friday Nwaneri. He worked tireless to make Elkins Marine Nigeria what it is today. 

Be the best you can be with Elkins Marine Nigeria.

Elkins Marine first home was in Lagos Apapa and then we moved to Lagos Badagry.  While in Lagos, Elkins decided to expand and in January 2006, EMTI (Nigeria) Ltd was granted 2.2 hectares of land by the Governor of Imo State to build a Maritime Industrial Training Centre, which would be the largest maritime training centre in Africa. This move will allow us to build a second school closer to Port Harcourt and the Delta region. Our intention is to provide infrastructure assistance to the immediate area, training youth and assisting them with locating employment through our contacts in the maritime and offshore industry. We believe the training and influence that we continue to provide at Elkins will have a stabilising and long-lasting effect on reducing discontent which causes debilitating actions against institutions and civilised structure. Further, we desire to provide a positive vision for residents of local communities. When people in impoverished lands believe the world cares, and that care is not just rhetoric, but tangible results (i.e. training, security and jobs) security is enhanced.

With our new base now in Owerri and two new Lagos offices and potentially offices in Port Harcourt and Warri in the near future, Elkins Marine Nigeria plans to be accessible to all our clients providing world-class training for all while bringing job opportunities to the local communities in Nigeria.

Private students can now join our Train Nigeria Programme by quoting Elkins TNP when enquiring.

 Train with the best; Train at Elkins Marine Nigeria.

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We will demonstrate a commitment to excellence by creating and delivering high-quality curriculum, meticulous service, and vigilant regard for the safety of our clients.


Working together as an integrated team, we will do everything possible to meet the needs of our customers and achieve optimal results.


We uphold particular ethical standards; we say what we mean and we honor our word in business dealings. We are committed to honest, open communication and doing the right things for the right reasons.


Understanding this is a basis for successful business, we will exemplify the traits of honour and respect for self, business partners and clients whom we serve.


The mission of Elkins is to achieve excellence in the interrelated areas of security, maritime, offshore, military, governmental infrastructure, and commercial training while maintaining commitment to total client satisfaction. Through our various programmes of standardised and customised training, Elkins contributes to protecting the individual and the environment, promoting employment, and preserving lives. We are proud to be recognised as one of the industry leaders in educational excellence, and will continue to offer training that exemplifies world class standards.


At Elkins, our core values establish a framework for all our strategies and decisions. More than words on a page or noble ideals, these are standards by which we strive to conduct daily business. The core values that guide Elkins are commitment, responsibility, integrity, and respect. Each team member is expected to uphold these values toward students, clients and peers

Elkins Marine Training International Nigeria (EMTIN) is the official and number one training school and consultancy for the government, maritime industry, oil and gas companies and other industries.

We train, consult and provide solutions for the oil and gas industry, offshore, maritime and security companies and many others.

EMTI (Nigeria) Limited was developed at the urging of the United Nations International Maritime Organisation (IMO); EMTI was specifically approached by the IMO for the purpose, because of its international maritime expertise. As a result, a joint venture agreement was signed with a highly respected Nigerian company – Hu-Fy Systems Ltd.

The Training Academy and courses:

The Training Academy was opened in November 2000. Years on we have trained over 10,000 mariners and security personnel.

Our institute in Owerri (Previously in Lagos) provides IMO STCW complaint training in professional and technical subjects required by the IMO STCW convention, SOLAS, ISM Code and ISPS Code including GMDSS General Operator’s Certificate; Bridge Resource Management; Basic Safety Training (Basic Fire Fighting, Personal Survival Techniques, First Aid & CPR, Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities); Tank Ship Dangerous Liquids; Company and Port Facility Security; plus a full range of ancillary courses required by mariners, offshore and security forces who need to meet the latest international requirements for certification. 



Elkins Future

Elkins team want to stay ahead and help you stay ahead all the time. We plan for the future. So should you. 

The Elkins Experience is for life.

Training Nigeria Programme

Our Train Nigeria Programme was set up to encourage Nigerians to receive the best possible training while we encourage and assist them to seek a career in the industry.

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Our state of the art school has over 15 classrooms, dining room, halls and a new hotel/accommodation.

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Elkins Marine train all the major names in the oil & gas, maritime, offshore and shipping sector. A corporate & group booking helps organisations to save money and time and improve staffs skills & efficiency.