Are Elkins courses up to date if the new 2010 amendments?

Yes, all of Elkins Marine training is in compliance with the new STCW 2010 Amendments

How do I book my place for training?

Simply contact management directly via

Or call 08033034202. Send a text message if you don't get any responses and chase it up after.

The line does get very busy.

The training applications FORMS are all done online so you will be guided once you send the email to us.




Why does Elkins Training Nigeria cost more than others?

You are paying for the official leading international training school in Nigeria. You will not need to travel overseas to our other schools outside to do the training. We have offices here in Nigeria.

The cost of our training is still less than half price what you will pay for overseas at other international schools.

You are paying for genuine International Certificates that can be used in over 125 IMO whitelisted countries (not just in Africa).

You are paying for the highest standard international training.

You are paying for the most sought after training in Africa and internationally joining an Elite group of students, professionals, and experts.

You are training with a company that most major companies and offshore services trust to deliver. Most only book their staff and hire personnel trained at Elkins Marine International.

You are training with the trusted name in training since 1952

Nigeria first official training school, consultation, and service provider to many governments projects.

The biggest training school in Nigeria and Africa.

You are training with a company that makes a real difference and changes to the maritime industry alongside industry experts.

75% of people choose Elkins or come back to redo certificates done elsewhere at Elkins Marine to progress their career.

Our costs are still much less than most if not all international companies around the world. 

Our GMDSS price is less than half the price that you would expect to pay around the world, yet you receive the same international standard.

Experts choose Elkins Marine Training Int'l Nigeria.

Does Elkins Marine recruit offshore personnel?

Elkins Marine consults many of the major players in the industry. This includes on training and recruitment. In 2015 we introduced the Training Nigeria Programme (TNP) 

In 2016 we will introduce the recruitment & employment depart of this program. The aim is to train Nigeria's Elite and put them in a network with Nigeria top jobs and employers. 

Elkins Marine believes in Nigeria's best.
Who is Elkins Approved and Accredited by?

All Elkins Marine certificates are international certificates and are recognised around the world giving you the option to use them in all countries. Inc over 125 in the IMO white list.

Elkins Marine Nigeria is also approved by NIMASA (Nigeria)

EMTIN ISPS Code Courses are also approved By Det Norske Veritas (DNV), United States Coast Guard (USCG), and U.S. Maritime Administration (MARAD)

EMTIN Certificates are acceptable by all IMO “White-List” Countries for revalidation of certificates.
EMTI is Affiliated and Accredited by
US Coast Guard (USCG),
US Dept. of Transportation Maritime Administration (MARAD)
US Federal Communication Commission (FCC),
US Department of Commerce and Advocacy
Det Norske Veritas (DNV),
University of Phoenix
and various other Government Administrations.

Can Elkins Marine train my staff at my base?

Yes depending on your numbers and if your base meets requirements. We can train at your base.

Elkins can also train outside of the country, as our certificates are international.


Can i pay instalments for my training?

Elkins accepts instalments on certain occasions to help the students with financial problems.

Certificates will only be released when payment is finished. Do let management know if you have any challenges we can help you with before you do a course.

Can i get a discount for the course I want to attend?

At times yes, we run promotions and offers now and then including seasonal discount offers.

Our courses are of the highest standard in Nigeria and around the world.

Elkins certificates are international certificates and are recognised around the world giving you the option to use them in all countries. Being trained by Elkins helps your career progress more rapidly and smoothly, as most reputable companies want international certificates and from the top training company like Elkins. So you are paying for the best.

Can I do the VPSSD (Designated Security Duties) and the MSA?

We will encourage picking which one you require. The VPSSD will contain the MSA and will be written on the certificate as it covers the notes. So most people are choosing the VPSSD. Ask the company what they require for you?

Can Elkins help me choose which course is right for me?

Yes, our in-house advisors will talk to you and find out what you want to achieve and advise you the best course or route to achieve your goals. You still have to make that decision yourself after. To get far in the industry you need to be ready to do the work and gain the experience. Elkins Marine Certificate will help you, as the major companies only want Elkins trained staff.
Our company is sending a driver with us to Elkins School, is this ok?

Yes, companies can send an assistant, driver or escort to come with several students.

The company must confirm this and the driver/assistant must have I.D. and respect our onsite visitor’s policy. We will make sure they will be comfortable as possible.

Can I do several courses while I am in Elkins Owerri base?

Yes, if the courses are running, you are suitable and you have time to do it. That’s fine. You can book and join the class after the one you are doing is complete. Do try to book in advance to avoid disappointment.

I left my I.d. at home can I still do the course.

Yes if you are from a company. As long as we have two forms of contact, Email, and Telephone plus we will take you photograph for records to attach to your certificate file. Your company will also have to confirm whom you are and you will be required to send all before we release your certificate.

Private Student: No if you are a private student. We need proof of who you are. So please bring your I.D. as requested in the joining instructions.

I am coming to do the GMDSS course. Will it last the whole 10 days and is that including weekends?

The course will last 10 working days, not including the weekend. It will start on Monday and end on Friday then continue again on Monday and end on Friday again.

On occasions, we can do the first weekend if we are doing another course at the same time.

Our company want to come to Elkins Marine Owerri base but are unsure about the travel.

Traveling to Elkins Owerri school is very simple. We are based in New Owerri, Owerri, Imo state. Traveling to Owerri is very simple and 

Our location is very secure and surrounded by police and army plus our very own in-house security inside and outside the school.

I just came back from sea and I am coming to Elkins Owerri, how is the area?

The area itself is very welcoming to visitors and has the top restaurants, bars, and entertainment to engage all. We also have our very own in-house entertainment for you including a full sized football pitch and games room. Our hotel is now open inside the school. (Currently for big groups who book in advance)

Visitors can only come to our school via appointment.

What should I expect to do on my offshore survival courses? 

Learn and enjoy the experience. We expect you to listen, join in and be a willing student in our courses. Our instructors will make it as enjoyable and interactive as possible.

The main thing is that you will learn and be ready to go forward in your career.

You are in good hands with Elkins Marine.

What is the price of the courses?

There are a number of cost options available when booking our courses. Please contact us for further information. Take a look at our website or contact us directly for more information. 

What do I need to work offshore? 

We will encourage you to get as much experience and training under your belt.

You can start without experience; you will then gain experience, knowledge and will have to pass some tests and examinations. Depending what skills, level and experience you have you can work offshore. Contact us for more information.
Will I have to pay for my lunch and accommodation at Elkins? 

Depending which package you have booked. 

Elkins has options which allow's you to book our new Hotel and Lunch.

Currently, our onsite hotel has just been completed.

We are also surrounded by some of the top hotels and restaurants Owerri has to offer so you most certainly won't be disappointed. Experience Elkins in Owerri or Lagos.

Where do I find Elkins Marine?
You can find us in mainly Lagos or Owerri.
Our main base is now in Owerri Imo State. 
We will also have non-practical courses running in Port Harcourt, Warri and Lagos.
We plan to have small bases in all these regions in the future. But our main base in Owerri is a state of the art school with accommodation and is the star attraction.

What will I need to take along with me on the course?
You will need to come along with 3 forms of ID. 2 photographic identification (passport or driving license, voters card). 1 bank card or letter from the bank. 
For your offshore survival (BST, PSC,) you should take swimwear to wear underneath your survival suit. If you wish, you can also take along footwear and spare clothing and towel. We provide everything necessary for the courses we run.

My current certificate has just expired; will I have to re-sit the entire course again? 

We do renewals and some courses will need you to re-sit or refresh/update yourself. Contact us and find out. Renewing is a fast and easy one-day process at Elkins Marine.

Can I fail the courses?
Yes, But you will be asked to re-sit the exam. It is very rare for someone to not meet the requirements and gain their certificates. So it is important you listen, learn and at the time have to demonstrate what you learned. It is unlikely that you will fail but on some courses, you will have to pass an examination to a certain level. 

Do I need to do a medical to complete the offshore survival course? 
You will not be required to undertake a medical prior to attending the course, although we can include the medical during your course (extra fee applies) if required. You will be required to have a good level of fitness in order to stand the best chance of passing the courses. You will need a medical to work offshore, however.

I did my last course at one of your competitors; can I now do my refresher with Elkins this time?
Yes, there is no requirement for training to be completed at the same accredited center as it was previously. Elkins encourages students to stay active and gain as much knowledge while you can. Take advantage of our Train Nigeria Programme and become the best you can.

Can i finish a course early and go home?
Although some courses may finish ahead of schedule we do not recommend booking any travel prior to the end time of the course. When the instructor and management give you the go ahead to leave then you can leave.


Can I cancel my course? 

You can cancel if you give us 14 or more working days prior to its start date, you will have to reschedule for another date. A second cancellation will incur a cancellation fee.

Note* Deposit is required to get on a course seat list. Deposit will go towards the remainder of the payment. If you choose to cancel 7 days or less before the course you will lose you a fee or you will need to book another date or lose the deposit unless someone else replaces you. If you get a replacement you will be allowed to change your date or even get a refund.

How do I pay and what are the payment options?

You can pay into our account in Naira or Dollars.

We expect full payment before you attend but on occasions, we do allow you to pay 50% upfront to secure your seat and 50% when the certificate comes.

For those that cannot collect their certificate, we post it to your address or company address.

For renew, we expect upfront payment straight away and or postage.

We want to come as a group for a course, can we book a date? Can we get a group deal?

Elkins can book in groups on a day that suits them if there is enough to do the course.

We require a minimum of 6 or 8 people but on occasions less is ok. (Remember we also have a few people on a waiting list ready) So if you have a group that you put together contact us and see if we can give your group a deal. Deals can range from transportation, hotel, feeding and even discounts for the group. We are here to help.

Can I book in advance?

We always advise people to book in advance to avoid missing out on dates.

Tip: Some people book in advance and still change their date 14 days before courses start.

Tip: Some people book in advance to take advantage of promo offers.

Elkins allows you to book years in advance if you want. The payment confirms you booking then after that you can pick and choose your date and avoid price inflations.

If I bring a group can I get a discount?

Yes, we offer a discount for group bookings and recommendations.

You can use the discount loyalty vouchers on courses, renewals, and Elkins Marine service. You can also use them with friends and family.