ECDIS | Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems at Elkins Marine Training International Nigeria (Africa).

The aim of the course is to train bridge watchkeeping officers and other interested personnel in the safe and efficient use of ECDIS. The course meets the guidance of IMO Model Course 1.27, the operational use of ECDIS, for generic ECDIS training and is also approved by US Coast Guard and IMO compliant. The ECDIS is type-specific training on the Navi Sailor 4000 ECDIS. Our Simulator is DNV approved.

​You will learn how to USE ECDIS

to Navigate and to monitor vessels

and dangers around you.

You will use ECDIS to plan a route

and navigate

You will use ECDIS to avoid a collision, grounding, and safely reach your destination.

Learning objective:
1. User Interface 
2. ECDIS Basic Features 
3. Chart Work 
4. Sensors 
5. Route Planning
6. Route Monitoring 
7. Chart Maintenance 
8. Backup Arrangements and Data Management 
9. Navigational Tools and Other Related Information 

Successful completion of this course will result in the issue of certification for generic ECDIS training (to IMO 1.27) and also covers Transas Navi Sailor 4000 type-specific ECDIS equipment training.

Training takes place over five days in the ECDIS training suite at the Elkins Marine campus. It follows the recommendations of IMO Model Course 1.27 and concentrates on the safe and efficient use of ECDIS at sea in a variety of conditions, from ocean passages to pilotages.

The aims of the training are to equip the candidate with the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to keep a safe navigational watch using electronic chart display and information systems (ECDIS), interfaced with other onboard equipment to maintain the safety of navigation. The course is intended for candidates requiring a stand-alone ECDIS certificate in accordance with Regulation II/1 of the STCW Convention, 1978, as amended (Manila Amendments).

We will train you on the ECDIS operation and management, electronic chart materials, and practical navigation by using ECDIS.

ECDIS at Elkins Marine Training Int'l Nigeria has been described as the most advanced and up-to-date ECDIS. Our Simulator is from Transas UK.

We have over 12 ECDIS stations for training.

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*Note* The STCW Convention 1978 has been amended by the 2010 Manila Amendments and contains new training requirements: All deck officers (including yachts) will need to undertake a generic Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS)course before either applying for (or revalidating) their Certificate of Competency.

The Master and all deck officers of many Flagged vessels (including yachts) which have ECDIS as their primary means of navigation are required to have completed both generic and equipment-specific ECDIS training. 

Please check with your flag if you are unsure.

Where is the location for training: 

1. Owerri Imo State,

2. Ikeja Lagos

3. Your base, city, or country (Minimum numbers required for call out)
How do you apply? Phone us on +234(0)8033034202 or All Applicants must send an email to 

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​Jan 2023
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Duration: 5 days (3 days if you do extended class and if you stay in Elkins accommodation)

Assessment: 100% attendance

Theory and Practical examinations and assessment.

APPROVALS: US Coastguard (International)

Our ECDIS is DNV approved.

Transas Type Specific ECDIS.


Prerequisites: Basic computer Knowledge. Read and write standard english.

We advise students to read some navigational basics before attending. But not necessary.

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Report if anyone that is not working with Elkins attempts to book or take payment from you.