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​- Email or Call (Quick text) for bookings.

Price: 900 dollars or 400,000 Naira (current Promo 400k inc CHEMCO (Combo) training)

*Please note you can request the individual course
Accommodation/Feed (discount on other courses) ***Accommodation/Feed offer is for Owerri training only.

4.5 days each or inc CHEMCO 7 day

Identification card and passport
2 colored passport photographs
Minimum age: 18 years old

Basic Tanker Certificate or request for basic inclusive with Elkins training.

Assessment: 100% attendance

Approval: US Coastguard (International) 

Must be over 18 and serve on a tanker vessel for at least 3 months.

Booking: Only book training directly with Elkins Marine via 08033034202 or 07066823373 | or

Report if anyone that is not working with Elkins Marine currently attempts to book or take payment from you. All bookings are strictly with EMTI to avoid via our contacts above.

All payments are to our corporate Elkins Marine account only

Tel: +234 (0) 8033034202 | 07066823373
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Advanced Chemical Tanker (Advanced Tanker) courses at Elkins Marine Training Int'l Nigeria.

For Tanker Endorsement.


This course provides training to candidates to be duly qualified, in accordance with section A-V/1-1, paragraph 3 of the STCW Code, with specific duties for loading, unloading and care in transit of chemical tanker cargoes. It comprises an advanced training programme appropriate to their duties, including chemical tanker safety, fire safety measures, pollution prevention, safe operational practices and obligations under applicable rules and regulations. The course covers the competence requirements as given in the table under section A-V/1-1-3 of the STCW Code.

This course addresses:

         –  advanced level of familiarization with the equipment, instrumentation and controls used for cargo handling on a chemical tanker;

         –  greater awareness of the need of proper planning, use of checklists for various cargo handling operations;

         –  enhanced awareness to apply safe procedures at all times when carrying out the various operations on board a chemical tanker;

         –  acquisition of experience in identifying operational problems and solving them;

         –  improvement in the ability to promote safety culture and protection of the marine environment; and                  –  increased ability to assist and coordinate response measures during emergencies. 

Fully US Coast Guard approved: 
2010 Advanced Chemical Cargo Operations


Contact us for more information and to book training at Elkins Marine Training Int'l Nigeria.

Contact Elkins: Tel: 08033034202 or 07066823373

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Spaces are limited for these courses.

Tank Ship courses are done at Elkins Training School in Lagos & Owerri and can also be done at a companies base if you meet the required minimum numbers of six (6).

Advanced Training in Chemical Tanker Cargo Operations- CHEMCO | Dangerous Liquids *DL & LG*