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Price: 600 USD

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Duration: 3 days

Assessment: 100% attendance
Examinations and assessment.

APPROVALS: US Coastguard (International)

Prerequisites: None

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The course will develop knowledge and skills to address:

Situation and risk assessment: to understand the influence of a situation and risk assessment in the principles and practice of decision making at an operational level.

Situational awareness: how to acquire and maintain situational awareness and accidents and increasing safety margins.

Communication: how to recognise and apply best practice in communication, and be aware of barriers to communication and how these may adversely affect situational awareness.

Shipboard training: to understand the aim of shipboard training, the principles of learning and methods of developing human potential.

Culture: how to recognise and respond to cultural issues including cultural awareness and bias including national, organisational, departmental and personal cultural approaches.

Team working: to recognise team working models and conflict management style.

Leadership and management: to recognise and demonstrate effective leadership behaviours.

Workload management: understand the concept of task and workload management and be able to apply it.  Recognising fatigue and stress in yourself and others, and developing strategies for dealing with them.