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The GMDSS Simulator upgrade at Elkins Marine International (Nigeria)

Mar 22:

EMTI Management has agreed to subsidise and train over 300 offshore personnel to the highest standard after recent developments about poor standard training were linked to accidents and a fall in quality operators. 

Not one person should receive poor training at any time as this leads to more accidents, injuries, and fatalities. This also leads to companies losing money and potential environmental damages for communities. Anyone that full well knows they are heading to training that is not up to standard because it is saving them money also becomes part of the challenge we face. Life is more important than the money you save. 

We had to cook up this scheme because many people do not listen to the warnings and continue to take shortcuts. 

This scheme will ensure over 300 plus professionals will be ready to help implement procedures, good practices, and ensure safety is first at work. 

A beneficial student was happy to receive the scholarship stating "At the end of every operation we all know we will return home to our families while becoming more professional and earning more too. A win-win for all.

Elkins Promise: Elkins Marine currently added to the assessment tools used to ensure all trained personnel the highest standard after training. We want to ensure you enter the work place making a difference and in the position to save lives. 

Elkins Marine to train More African Countries to help improve quality and services in Africa.

Introducing higher standards:

Elkins Marine has reviewed and updated all training to meet new higher standards. This includes practical assessments updated scenarios and presentations from candidates for all of the courses. This will help create more Elite Mariners in Nigeria and Internationally.

Experts choose...

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Elkins News:

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Mar 23: EMTI Mgmt looks forward to modernised setup. Mixing youth with senior professionals

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July 22: Elkins adds more trainings for companies and individuals - HR and workplace trainings

Mar 22: We will subside training to increase man power and standards. EMTI plans SUB300 

Happy Valentines: You gotta LOVE the current VAL promo. Up to 20% off training. 

Jan 2022 Welcome to 2022

70 years of EMTI Trusted name in training since 1952

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May 2021: EMTI awarded free training to best female and young talents via AMSAY

Jan 2021: Welcome to 2021 with EMTI!

November 2020: GMDSS, Tanker, ECDIS, ARPA in Lagos

July 2020: We are open. Please apply early to join our training

April 2020: Training update. Click for Covid 19 update at EMTI Nigeria.

Jan 2020: Welcome to 2020 EMTI.

20 years training Nigeria.

Nov 2019:

Elkins Marine trains Navigation Course with BMATT and for Nigeria Navy a huge success.

Elkins plans to train up more female instructors.

New Marine Basic IT training at EMTIN


training has been described as the highest standard "not just in Africa but around the world" by the creators of ECDIS.

Elkins Marine to open up a recruitment department for all Elkins trained students.

Elkins to train other African companies around Africa.