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Elkins Marine Training International Nigeria (EMTIN) is the official and number one training school and consultant for governments, the maritime industry, oil and gas sector, shipping industry, offshore and onshore operators in Africa.

We train, consult and provide solutions for corporate and private clients. Elkins was the first approved Maritime school in Nigeria quickly becoming the most reputable and biggest maritime training school in Africa.

Our courses include GMDSS, STCW course, 4 Mandatory (STCW 2010), ISPS CODE, PDSD, MSA, CSO/SSO/PFSO, Bridge (BRM), ISM Code, Advanced Oil, Advanced Chemical/Tanker Dangerous Liquid (TASCO & CHEMCO), Advanced Liquified Gas, Basic Tank Fam, PSC, AFF, MFAP, BCN, ARPA, ECDIS, HELM, Crowd & Crisis Management and ERM + many more advanced security courses.  Experts Choose... EMTI

Elkins Marine Nigeria

                Our current courses in Nigeria:

  1. GMDSS Global Maritime Distress & Safety System (GMDSS GOC & ROC)
  2. ISPS CODE Training for Ratings & Officers
  3. ECDIS - Electronic Chart Display & Information System
  4. ARPA - Automatic Radar Plotting Aid
  5. HELM Human Element Leadership Management
  6. STCW Mandatory, Basic Safety Training (BST)-Medical Emergency/First Aid & CPR, Basic Fire Fighting, Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities, Personal Survival Techniques. 
  7. Tanker Operations -                    a. Advanced Tanker                Advanced Oil Tanker Ops        Advanced Chemical Tanker Ops | Dangerous Liquids TASCO & CHEMCO                                  Liquified Gas Training
  8. Basic Tanker
    Basic Tanker oil and chemical           Basic Liquified Gas operations
  9. ERM - Engine Room Resource 
  10. BRM - Bridge Resource Management
  11. AFF - Advanced Fire Fighting
  12. ISM Code Familiarization & Internal Auditor
  13. PSC - Proficiency in Survival Craft (Lifeboatman)
  14. MFAP - Medical First Aid Provider
  15. Basic Costal Navigation (BCN)
  16. Advanced Navigation Course
  17. High Voltage
  18. ​Dynamic Position
  19. Solar Photovoltaic (PV) installation - Call for schedule
  20. Over 80 trainings now available
  21. Request or create a course/training for your company.

Dec 23: All Elkins trained instructors are sign in house. 
We do not hold train the trainer for outside instructors or non EMTI full time staff.

Apr 23: Elkins Marine looks at adding more home grown instructors into international portfolio

Mar 23: EMTI Mgmt looks forward to modernised setup. Mixing youth with senior professionals

Dec: Elkins new performances and assessment tool is a huge success

July 22: Elkins adds more trainings for companies and individuals - HR and workplace trainings

Mar 22: We will subside training to increase man power and standards. EMTI plans SUB300 

Jan 2022 Welcome to 2022

70 years of EMTI

Trusted name in training since 1952.

July 2021: Elkins Promise to companies - Your crew will return changed...

May 2021: EMTI awarded free training to best female and young talents via AMSAY

Jan 2021: Welcome to 2021 with EMTI!

November 2020: GMDSS, Tanker, ECDIS, ARPA in Lagos

July 2020: We are open. Please apply early to join our training

April 2020: Training update. Click for Covid 19 update at EMTI Nigeria.

Jan 2020: Welcome to 2020 EMTI.

20 years training Nigeria.

Nov 2019:

Elkins Marine trains Navigation Course with BMATT and for Nigeria Navy a huge success.

Elkins plans to train up more female instructors.

New Marine Basic IT training at EMTIN


training has been described as the highest standard "not just in Africa but around the world" by the creators of ECDIS.

Elkins Marine to open up a recruitment department for all Elkins trained students.

Elkins to train other African companies around Africa.

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Elkins Marine is the trusted name in training simply because we deliver the highest standard international training and education around the world. Find out why all the experts choose...

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